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About this Journal.
This journal is mainly for my graphics.
I will sometimes post personal info, though, so I am a bit selective with my friends.
Feel free to friend me if we have common interests.
I don't want friends just for the sake of having friends.
That said, I do love getting to know new people on LJ, so don't hesitate to comment at my "Friends Only" post!

The Chronicles of Narnia (LWW & PC). Peter Pan.DISNEY. Pride and Prejudice. HSM/2/3. The Lord of the Rings.
Nicholas Nickleby. The Electric Company. LOST. Anything JANE AUSTEN. Merlin. So You Think You Can Dance. Skins. Rent.
Harry Potter. Twilight. Stardust. Step Up/2 the Streets. The Illusionist. The Office. Glee. Legend of the Seeker.
C.S. Lewis. Literature. Give A Damn? Photography. Art. JESUS CHRIST.

Harry/Ginny (HP). Ron/Hermione (HP). Dan/Charlotte (LOST). Jack/Kate (LOST). Charlie/Claire (LOST). Finn/Rachel (Glee). Richard/Kahlan (LotS).

Cloud Cult. Alison Krauss. Guster. Mumford and Sons. Mae. Joshua Radin. Mates of State. The New Pornographers. The Damnwells. Coldplay. Paul Alan. The Weepies. The Fray. Jump, Little Children. Eisley. Stars. Vampire Weekend. Rosie Thomas. Passion Pit. Ben Folds.
Soundtracks. (Atonement. The Illusionist. Narnia. LotR. New Moon. Garden State. Henry Poole is Here. The Last Kiss. HP. Pride and Prejudice. Little Women. Nicholas Nickleby. etc.)

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The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you're uncool.
-- Almost Famous
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